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11x15 inches 1986 APHRODITE Pergamom sculpture in Berlin

8x10 inches 2018 watercolor, self portrait

4x4 feet acrylic 2015 God creates Adam 

NFS 6x4 feet acrylic, Wedding Gown series #6, Lizzzz

4x4 foot acrylic 2017 San Bushman Giraffe Dreaming

NFS 5x5 foot ink of Chris Rawson from NYC Halloween Parade, 2010 

4x4 foot acrylic 2010 Theresa Red Drum 

5x5 foot ink 2010 NYC Halloween Parade of Matisse 

9x15 inches collaged Adam and God and Ruhe Abstraction, provenance Dorfman Projects 2012

2x3 foot oils 2008 Howard along Van Gogh styling

SOLD 2x3 foot acrylic 2015 

6x4 foot acrylic Vienna Boa Wedding #7

4x4 foot acrylic, Alexandra the Great and Aboriginal mentor

4x4 foot acrylic 2019 Poetess Dorothy Friedman

4x5 foot acrylic NYC Halloween Parade: Michelangelo's doomed (wo)man

3x3 foot acrylic 2018 Strange Interlude

4x4 foot acrylic 2015 Boy In Trouble

4x4 foot acrylic 2020 Jesus Flashing Yoni Mudra

8x5 feet acrylic 2006 DJ Paul Oakenford at Crobar. live

9x16 inch acrylic on aluminum,  Water as Goddess 2011

6x4 foot acrylic 2018 APHRODITE at Ten Feet

8x10 inches 2013 STING in Concert Carnegie Hall 

4x4 foot acrylic 2015 Boy Copping Attitude


4x4 foot acrylic 2018 Ruhe in the Bardos

3x3 foot acrylic 2018 ZENYATTA 

2x2 foot print 1982 Fran Oak 

10x12 inches collage 2010 Bollywood Dreamer

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