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B.S. from the U.S. Naval Academy, 1968 in History and French. 

M.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art, 1975 under Sal Scarpitta and Ed Dugmore.

PhD from New York University, 1989 in Shamanism and Art. under Victor Turner and Barbarqa Myerhoff. 

Michael Harner 2 weeks finishing school in shamanism. 

Tango lessons from Monica Paz, Jose Garofalo, El Flacco Dany, El Pibe, Victoria Codru 


BARNABY RUHE: LIGHTNING ROD OF CULTURE. 2017 at Salomon Arts Gallery; shamanism and art with texts inserted. fetishes gifted. drumming ceremonies. 

WOMB MAGIC: GRANDMOTHER SPEAKS. at David Rodale Gallery of Baum School, 2018; a paradigm shift for our age. get it back to grandmother council as at the Iroquois Confederation. How not. 

PORTRAIT PAINTING MARATHONS, 1979 TO PRESENT. Ruhe invented the genre after running 26,2 miles. what would it be like to paint for 26.2 hours at Barbara Braathen Gallery in the 70s 80s. And Dorfman Projects 1994. 2012 



Tumblr at ArtworldNewspaper.  

Zen Boomerang book to be published May 2022

Senior Editor ArtWorldNewspaper in the 80s 90s. 

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